lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

Mestre, aprofita les vacances!

Essential Primary Science de Alan Cross i Adrian Bowden (Open University Press-McGraw-Hill Education)
Un recent (2009) i excel·lent llibre per a mestres que conté més de 200 activitats preparades per realitzar a classe. Inclou tots els coneixements bàsics i exercicis pràctics que qualsevol mestre hauria de saber sobre ciències i no va poder, a l'haver patit el currículum de Didàctica de les Ciències habitual a les escoles de magisteri. Encara estàs a temps d'aprendre ... i d'ensenyar millor.
Un extracte de la introducció:
In this book, we recognise that as a teacher or student teacher you may have to move quickly from a low level of personal knowledge and understanding of science to a much higher level, as well as learn how to teach it to others! The following chapters are based on the three things you need to know:
  • what science the teacher needs to know and understand;
  • what science the pupils need to learn; and
  • effective ways to teach that science in primary classes.
In England, this means that pupils have opportunities to learn the science required by the National Curriculum (DfEE/QCA, 1999). For you as a teacher, we take that science further so that the book complies with the TDA (Training and Development Agency for Schools) standards for subject knowledge (TDA, 2007: Q14, 15) and suggests ways to teach science, including many references to science investigations, thus strongly supporting your achievement of TDA standards related to subject teaching (TDA, 2007: Q10, 25). This means that you can approach the teaching of primary science with increasing confidence. In this chapter, we outline basic principles and ideas about teaching science that will set you on the right path to help you experience early success. The most important contributors to this success will be your own commitment to learn, reflect, and act to further pupil learning.

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